SOLVED Email-to-sms not working


Minutes after posting this, I received my first text from emailing. Thank you to whomever fixed it for me.
The remainder of this post is now obsolete but I’ll keep it out there:

What phone do you have?
Phone: Moto E
App version:
phne S/N: ZX1B72M58P
HW version: P2B1
Android version: 5.1
Android security patch level: 2016-04-01
Baseband version: MSM8610BP_18033.4614.48.00R REPUB_CDMA_CUST
Kernel version: 3.4.42-gca80147
Tue Jun 28 17:53:42 CDT 2016
System version: 23.29.23.condor_repw.repw.en.US repw
Build number: LPC23.13-34.13.23
Storage: Internal storage: Total space: 2.21GB,
Available: 458MB
Apps (app data & media content): 1.53GB
(other categories …)
Cached data: 213MB
Misc.: 5.55MB
SD Card: Total space: 14.83GB, Available: 14.76 GB

What plan are you on?
Republic Refund ™ Base Plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
talk & text only

Issue Description

Email-to-sms does not work for me even though that option is activated in my phone as evidenced by a check in the box associated with “Advanced settings” option “Allow SMS messages from email”. Note that I have been unable to fully upgrade, having tried many months ago, due to failures of the upgrade process. I just assumed (or maybe read from upgrade process error messages) that this phone does not have enough memory to upgrade to a current version of Republic App/Google/Motorola.

Note also that I am unable to upgrade my phone nor service due to a total lack of any income, even unemployment income.

Thank you for any help you can give me to get the email-to-SMS feature working without charges or increasing my monthly service costs!!!


Hi @kennetha.8dgua0

Thanks for letting the community know the Email-to-sms issue is resolved.

The Moto E (1st. Gen?) unfortunately, does not have a lot of internal storage. I am sure we are all hoping the “lack of income” statement is temporary, (I’ve been there).

This Community Forum has been known to be quite compassionate and generous, but we love details!!, like any good story.

While the Staff monitors the website, and will respond occasionally, we are mostly customers-helping-customers here.


Hi @kennetha.8dgua0,

Email-to-SMS can be a bit touchy. If the sender’s E-mail server is not configured according to current standards and creates a lot of errors and warnings on the servers that receive the message (all behind the scenes stuff that is difficult to track if you don’t have a willing tester) then the message will not make it to your phone.

In any case, I hope it keeps working so you can enjoy that Moto E and your grandfathered plan a little longer!


Yes, I ran into that email server setup configuration. I got my emailing from my email server finally accepted by gmail, and the experience of getting there gave me the exact same suspicion that you share. That was BEFORE I posted this OP. The final straw causing me to post was that I set up my gmail account to forward to the republic text email, and it still wouldn’t succeed even though a year or so ago it worked fine via gmail forwarding.

Right now, I reported that all is working, but I have my suspicions that I still don’t receive all the texts. I don’t have time right now to fully test, but thank you!


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