Solved - Phone calls going Straight to voicemail

What phone do you have? Moto g7

What plan are you on? My Choice +1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? See above answer

Issue Description

[Edit: Sorry, also meant to add that I read similar threads in Support section, but none seemed to apply.] A couple of weeks ago, My wife (also a RW customer, and FWIW, a starred contact for me) and I noticed that her calls to me were going straight to voicemail. I looked the settings in her contact for me, and “Route to voicemail” is displayed which I assume means her contact is not currently routed to voicemail. I did try switching that toggle (Route to Unroute and back again), and she tried calling each time, with no change. My phone doesn’t ring, and her call goes straight to voicemail. Texts are unaffected. I don’t seem to have the problem with other callers. What other settings can I check? Thanks.

Sorry all, the problem does in fact appear to have been the phone dropping off the wifi here at work. The problem seems corrected now. Thank you!


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