Some calls on my Moto G6 go to voicemail too quickly

Some calls (not all) will go to vm too quickly. When I answer, there is no one there. Also, almost every time I hang up from a call with my sister, my phone will ring back as though she had called me back. These are not constant issues, but very annoying. I do have bluetooth handsets connected, but most of the time there is no problem.

Hi @micheleb.2468,

Do you have a sense of whether either issue (or both) happens when the phone is on Wi-Fi? I’m wondering if the issue you are seeing where calls go to voicemail too quickly is the same as the one described here: Call only rings 1.5 times, then it goes to VM

(Interesting, too, that both of you have Bluetooth devices attached to the phone.

Is your sister also a Republic Wireless member?

My sister’s phone is a landline. The problem is mostly when I am at home and it tends to flip back and forth between wifi and cell. I will try to pay more attention. Actually the problem I had today was from my doctor’s office. It was an automated call. So, I guess it is normally a call from a landline. However, not always. The call from the doctor’s office tried 3 times and never connected. I ended up calling them.

I think my issue is different from what is described on the other post. My phone will show an active call for a minute or so. It does not go to lock screen. It looks just like an active call.

The above may require some attention, with a good WiFi you shouldn’t be seeing this. Here are a couple of things we might explore with you

Please check these out and come back, if need any help

Hi @micheleb.2468,

It’s been about a week since we last heard from you. Were you able to review the information @jben sent, and are you still experiencing this issue?

Power Cycle Network seemed to work for me. So far, it seems better.
Thank you

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