Some Calls to My Cell Phone Go to My Home Phone


When two of my family members call my cell phone, it rings the normal amount of rings, but if I do not answer it, their calls go to my home phone and that rings. I don’t understand why or how this is happening. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks!


:thinking:… As far as I know, RW provides no facility to forward calls to your house phone that would normally go to voicemail. That is, unless you have installed a third-party app that provides this service.

If you have discovered a way to make this happen, please share it with the rest of us.


Hi @kareng.xzj24e,

It sounds like you have voicemail forwarding set up on the phone. To disable it, please open the Republic Wireless app on the phone and tap the settings gear. Then tap Voicemail Setting. On that menu tap Voicemail forwarding and tap “Disable forward.”


Hi @beachb,

Instructions to set up Voicemail Forwarding are here:


Ok… having never used the forwarding feature, I was always under the (mistaken) impression that calls would be forwarded right away, not waiting until the ring limit was reached. Thanks for the enlightenment!


It forwards the call under the same circumstances it would normally forward to voicemail - either immediately, if the phone is out of service (off), or at the end of the allocated ring time if the phone is in service but the call is not answered.


southpaw - I did as you instructed and I see that under Voicemail Settings that I have Voicemail forwarding set to my home phone number. I don’t remember doing this but at least I understand now what is going on. Thank you! Thanks everybody for your thoughts!


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