Some names appear in Anywhere, others don't - Why?

Why when I receive an “Anywhere” text on my phone I see the contact name in the “header” but when I look at that same message on my Anywhere app on my PC it just shows the phone number and not the person’s name. Note: it is not that way for all contacts.

Have you tried this?

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Had not tried that - I did and it worked! Not sure I would have ever found that tip (right-click > sync contacts from the icon in the system tray. Guess I didn’t do enough investigating. I know the app is no longer ‘supported’ - too bad, great app, but where might I find other unknown gems? Is there a user guide?

Thanks so much - you are my ‘hero of the day’ :slight_smile:


Hi @williamm.s9bd0g,

The closest thing to an Anywhere user guide is linked here:

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