Some people want less data, not unlimited plans

You could also ask the question “How many people would want a 500MB plan for $3?” To cover the other end of the spectrum.

Ericcson has an interesting analysis from 2017:

Yet as pointed out there and here there are plenty of people wanting plans with less data.

Honestly, I don’t see the need for a $2/month savings by cutting a 1 GB data plan in half, although I could certainly get by with 0.5 GB/month with my flip phone (14% of the US market doesn’t use a smart phone). I know from being around Republic Wireless forever that there are users who feel differently.

And, roughly 50% of the U.S. market uses a smartphone that isn’t an Android. Arguably, Republic’s single biggest competitive disadvantage currently is lack of iPhone support. iPhone users tend to use more cell data than Android users on average. That’s not to say iPhone users aren’t looking for ways to save money.

The reality is there is demand for both plans offering less data and plans offering “unlimited” data. Perhaps, Republic’s pending acquisition by DISH will result in an increased ability to serve a broader market.

As I know you know, after DISH’s previous acquisition of Ting Mobile, plans attempting to serve both ends of the market were introduced. Granted Ting doesn’t have a plan offering less than 1 GB.

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