Someone can see my texts, but I can't see her texts

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Moto G Stylus

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1g My Choice plan

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My plan includes data

A few weeks ago, I texted someone who has had my number for several years. (I’ve been with Republic for 6 years or so). It appeared on her phone as a new number. I turned off chat features, but I still get issues: she can see the texts that I send her, but she can’t see my texts.

I do get texts from some other people, but what do I need to do to make sure that this person (and maybe others) can send texts to me that I can see on my phone?

Issue Description

Hey @aFloridian long time no see!

It’s likely still Chat related. Are the messages that aren’t showing in dark blue bubbles rather than light blue?

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have no indication in my message app that I received a message from her (my landlord).

The last text message that I sent her and she responded to on my Republic Wireless number was on May 4th.

On June 3rd, when I sent her a text message, she texted back with with, who is this? At that time, I could see her text, and she could see mine, but it was under a different #, which I believe is my underlying republic wirless number.

On June 6th, I turned off chat features, trying to resolve the issue so that she would be able to see texts from me from my normal republic wireless number (not the underlying one).

I sent a message to her when we were right next to her, and I saw she got it fine. She showed me a long text she had sent to me that I didn’t receive.

I asked her to delete from her contacts the underlying number that she had saved.

It is likely that her phone is still seeing your phone as having Chat active and sending messages that way, which are not reaching you. This issue usually resolves itself with time or if the remote person deletes the thread with you entirely and starts a new one.

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Tomorrow, I will ask her to delete the chat thread she had with me, and then I’ll try to text her.

I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks for your help @louisdi!

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That’s bound to be part of the issue. You’ll want to be absolutely certain that she deletes that number and deletes the text message thread that uses that number. You cannot receive text messages to that number, even thought the Google Messages app was allowing you to receive “Chat” messages addressed to it.

Can you also see what number is stored in the phone following the instructions here: Google Verified secondary number randomly - #6 by southpaw

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Today, I asked her to delete the text messaging thread and then text me. She did so, and I was able to see her text. We texted back and forth briefly, and it worked with no issues. Thanks again @louisdi and @southpaw for your help!


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