Someone "Tapping" my phone?


I went through a divorce last year and was convinced that my ex had been spying on my phone and had “tapped” it (I know I’m showing my age with that wordage).
Well, I reset my phone and all the passwords a while back and stopped worrying about it.
Since then I have a been in a new relationship for a while now, but all the sudden I have started seeing +1 on the title of our messages as seen in the screenshot. It says “Dylan, +1”, suggesting a group chat but no one else is supposed to be in that conversation.
When I open the details it just says his name.
Any ideas what else this could be besides my ex being a super creep?
Are there any ways that I can check my phone for being “spied on”?


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It’s possible it’s a group text with someone you’ve blocked. In a separate chat ask Dylan who the other person is or you can ask him to please not include you in any group chats.

If you factory reset your phone and you haven’t seen your ex, I doubt your phone is being “tapped” by him now.

You can run one of these apps and if nothing is found, uninstall the app. There is no point in keeping it installed. If something is found, follow the apps instructions:


The +1 is the indicator of a group chat. Ether you or the other person has set the conversation to include some other contact. Delete the whole conversation and text history with that person and start again. Better yet, clear the app data and cache from the messages app to fully reset and clear out your entire texting history from the phone. If you for sure then send a single message to that person, not a group message, and the +1 shows up, then I would guess it is the other person that is including you in a group message somewhere.

It is extremely unlikely that your phone got hacked or tapped.
But, If you want to run a scan on a phone, I recommend Malwarebytes app.

And yes no need to keep installed, just run it, and remove it when your done.


I realized that I had Dylan titled as “Dylan, My love”.
Is it possible that the comma acted as a separator and made “my love” look like a “+1”?


Yes, that is likely as the comma is the separator so the phone was attempting to include “Dylan” and “My Love” as recipients.


It makes sense.
Thank you.

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