Something is turning on my camera

This is so creepy. Sometimes I’ll open my phone and find the camera is open. I thought maybe I was hitting the camera icon by accident so I moved it off of the bottom bar and to another screen, not the first one that shows when I unlock the phone but one I have to swipe for. I know it’s not me because I’ve seen that I’ll have the phone on my desk, the screen is dark. Suddenly it will flash on for a split second, then go dark. When I pick it up, I will see my wallpaper (not the black screen with time and lock) and the camera is on. So it must also be opening my phone.

The only thing that will flash my phone like that is Extreme Call Blocker. I can check it and see it didn’t block a call, and it’s never turned on the phone when it blocks one.

I don’t use a PW, I just open my phone by swiping the lock down. It seems like such a pain but maybe I should do this.

I looked at my list of installed apps, the only ones I can come up with could be voice recorder or my radar (weather). I can’t imagine it’s a call blocking app. I don’t have any games or anything not widely used, like meetup. No FB, LinkedIn, snapchat or other social media except for meetup.

Moto X 1st Gen, kitkat 5.1 Installed camera that came with phone. This is creeping me out!

Put the phone in safe mode and test. If your issue stops, then you have a misbehaving app that you need to track down.

Safe Mode

If Safe Mode doesn’t work I would recommend turning off the Quick Capture or one-hand-twist gesture.This can be accessed from the wheel of settings within the camera app (one finger slide from the left edge).

That’s the only other thing I know that can automatically launch the camera.

As @marshallh points out, it is probably an app … you would be surprised the number of ‘permissions’ that most of grant when we install apps.

You may want to install an app such as Advanced Permission Manager - Android Apps on Google Play to help you figure out what app may have the permission

When you unlock your phone, depending on the brand and model, make sure you are swiping from bottom to top, in the center of the screen.

If you will notice, in the bottom right corner, there’s a camera icon, in the bottom left, there is a microphone.

any chance you are swiping from the right hand side of the screen?

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