Sometimes text messages don't work

What phone do you have? Google Pixel 2

What plan are you on? My choice Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text

Issue Description

My daughter’s phone has been having issues with sending/receiving texts periodically. I’ve had the same issue with my phone (moto g4) but not nearly as often and it hasn’t happened on my phone for over a month. Anyway, on my daughter’s phone when she isn’t able to send/receive texts, she’ll turn her mobile data off and back on and that sometimes takes care of it (that’s what fixed it on my phone as well). Sometimes when this trick doesn’t work on her pixel, she turns her phone off and back on. This sometimes fixes the issues as well. If not, she just has to wait and it will eventually start working again.

Hi @rogerz.xx3ldd,

Have you or your daughter ever noticed if the LTE symbol is available by the cellular strength bars :bars: indicator when you are having this issue?

It sounds like you’re experiencing what @billg wrote up some time ago, here: If you have a GSM SIM and no service or emergency service only, this tip might be helpful

Looking at the coverage in your area, this wouldn’t surprise me.

As you may be aware, we offer cellular coverage with either of two cellular partners. For some phones, if coverage is not great on one partner, we can send a different SIM card and move the phone to coverage with our other partner. One tool I would need to verify that we can send a new SIM card for each of your phones is available to me only when I’m in the office, so I’d have to wait until tomorrow to be sure I can do so, but if I can, would you be interested in having one member of your family try our other cellular partner and see if it makes a difference? I’d nominate your daughter since it’s likely she’s most aware of this issue and would likely be able to quickly confirm whether the SIM card solves the problem. Then, if she gives the experience a thumbs-up, I’d be glad to send a replacement SIM card for the other phones in your household as well.

(Replacing the SIM card does not make you change your number, and it does not affect any of the personal content you have on the phone.)


I seem to have a similar issue especially at work. The phone will say something like “calls only. No access to voicemail or text messages.” Today I had no service when I tried to text and had to turn off my phone and on again to get text messages to send twice. Could it be the same carrier issue or a different issue?

Getting the other SIM card might be an option. Do you know which carrier my daughter’s phone is using? Is there a way to tell? I’d prefer the t-mobile one as this has the better coverage.

Hi @christy99,

It does look like you would benefit from a different SIM card, as well. Would you mind taking the steps shown in this article:

Hi @rogerz.xx3ldd, I’m curious why you feel that’s the case? Have you used a phone with our Sprint SIM card in the past and found the coverage to be lacking?

If you don’t mind my sharing the info publicly, I can tell you which SIM card the phones on your account have, or you can look at the information in the Republic app by following these steps:

Hi @rogerz.xx3ldd,

Are things sorted?

I think so. Thanks.

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