Son Says His Texts to Me Are Failing

I have a Moto G7. My son tells me both his and my grandson get error message (text failed) when they try to send me texts They were responding to texts I sent them so it appears to be a one way problem.They are on Verizon. Other texts, including texts from my wife (who is on US Cellular) are working fine. My son uses an IPhone and my grandson uses an android tablet.

What phone do you have? MOTO G7

What plan are you on? Text Talk 1G Data

Issue Description

  • 1st, you may want to assume the trouble is on your end, and a couple of things you can do to start narrowing it down:
    • Boot up in Safe Mode, to eliminate interference by 3rd party app … if test to both son and grandson now work then respond back and help can be provided to narrow down where to start eliminating apps … if they still fail, continue
    • Does it fail if one or both of them text you while your phone is in Cell only mode? Just turn off your WiFi for testing
      • Same question … WiFi only (go into Airplane mode then turn the WiFi back on)
    • Ensure you are using the latest level of Google Messaging and make sure that the Chat features in the Apps Settings is not enabled (Messaging / :dots: Menu / Settings / Chat features
  • If nothing comes of the above, then here is the complete collection of Troubleshooting Texting Issues – Republic Help
    You may want to take a look at the above doc, it’s extensive but broken into easier to digest subjects to make it a bit less daunting :slight_smile:
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Hi, @joejoe,
Been awhile since a list of things to help narrow down the problem was added … have you had any luck with them?

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