Son trying to switch existing service to new phone

What phone do you have?
Switching to Google pixel 4a
What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My son is switching from a Moto to Google pixel using RW sim card and he’s on my wife’s My Choice +1 plan. When trying to activate RW he is getting an unknown error screen and also a glitchy screen that says "choose your data plan {{offer.qty GB}} " with a “something went wrong” message at the bottom.

I’m wondering if maybe this means he’s doing the activation in the wrong way? Or something wrong with his SIM card? Or a known issue?


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If your son’s phone is already in the My Choice plan and has a GSM SIM all he need to do is move the SIM presuming the pixel is compatible. If he is coming from a different provider or a different plan we have been told that new activations in the My Choice plan are no longer permitted.

Hi @peterm.ld5o2n and welcome to the Community!

Is your son trying to activate a fresh Republic SIM? Or, is he attempting to move the SIM from his Moto to the Pixel?

If a fresh previously not activated Republic SIM, when was it acquired (before or after December 14th)?

If your son is attempting to move the SIM from his Moto to the Pixel, please look at the SIM. Is the lettering for the “public” part of the word Republic green? Or, is the lettering for the entire word Republic all gray or all black?

Hi Roland,
He is trying to activate a fresh SIM which was purchased before December 14th. We went to Canada to spend time with an ill relative and left him the phone and SIM as a holiday gift> I actually had no idea until today that the company was acquired in the meantime. Will it not work because it is old? Wouldn’t they automatically be sending a replacement?

Hi @peterm.ld5o2n,

Republic was actually acquired earlier this year prior to the trip to Canada. I hope your relative is feeling better.

With the new plans introduced on December 14th, it’s no longer possible to activate old SIMs purchased prior to that date. Republic is not automatically shipping replacements because new SIMs require activating on a new plan. My intent isn’t to defend the approach just doing my best to explain.

It may be possible to move your son’s service from his Moto to the Pixel 4a by moving the Moto’s SIM. Presuming the old SIM is still in the Moto, please see here:

Do you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type?

Hi Roland,
Thanks so much for your help. Yes we are late to noticing the new ownership situation.
Upon reflection I think our family will switch to another cell service provider, it’s easy to guess that this is a one way street to nothing good and we don’t really want to be customers of Dish. With my son looking at a new unlocked Pixel it’ll be easiest for him to jump right in with something else rather than dealing with all this troubleshooting. But I’m grateful for the community help at Republic and people like you, it’s a good feature.



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