Sony phones: When/can they be supported for BYOP?

I am finally purchasing a new phone to replace my first generation MotoX. Why are all the new phones out there so BIG?! Really want to BYOP the Sony Xperia XZ1 compact (4.6" of small-screened bliss), but no Sony phones are currently supported by Republic. Does anyone know if Republic is currently working to add Sony phones to BYOP? Is there any reason why they couldn’t add Sony devices? Torn between having a new phone that I want and staying with Republic.

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  • Community users have provided a table of supported phones, their sizes and other key attributes. This can be found here: Detailed Supported Phone Features
  • Republic doesn’t normally ‘pre-announce’ stuff, so the best source is the Announcements & News - Member Community where all the Announcements are featured … you can use the ‘Tracking’ icon (top far right) to adjust image

Sweet table! Sadly none of the phones have the holy grail of decent ram/rom/processor + small screen for my baby hands. May need to jump ship to another provider until Republic adds this phone…have been really happy with the Republic service these past 2 years.

Keep in mind that Sony phones have pretty large bezels so the actual phone size is not much smaller than typical 5" phones.

It’s in the eye of the beholder, however, Sony’s Xperia® XZ1 Compact is, in my opinion, an exception to the general rule. The bezels on many 5" Android phones aren’t noticeably smaller pushing those phone’s dimensions up accordingly.

Alas, the XZ1 Compact isn’t supported at Republic and may never be. Sony doesn’t sell a whole lot of phones in the U.S.


You can compare the phone sizes visually here (,Samsung-Galaxy-J3-2017,Google-Pixel-2/phones/10650,10393,10584). The current set of 5" republic compatible phones are just a lot larger than the sony compact phone (or my old Moto X1).

For the rest of the industry, bring you own phone has come to mean any phone compatible with their towers. For Republic, it means something else. I get that Republic is different, but using BYOP to describe the feature is rather misleading in my opinion.

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I physically received the XZ1 compact yesterday, and it is a touch taller than my first gen Moto X but the same width (which is what I was mostly concerned about). I do agree that the top and bottom bezels are a bit wider than the Moto’s, giving it a clunkier/cheaper feel (reminiscent of my Xiaomi Redmi 1 days lol) but am sooooo happy with the performance. I’m a heavy wifi user so will probably switch to Red Pocket or MintSIM. Sad to say goodbye to Republic’s awesome customer support!

I just wanted to say that I haven’t had any problems with Mint Sim so far. We still have one phone with Republic, but if I still have no problems with Mint Sim then I’ll transfer that phone too.

In our case, Mint Sim includes some of the cell phone taxes that we pay with Republic that make their service cheaper.

I’m not sure why Republic doesn’t off the small Sony as a BYOP, but you are not the only one who prefers a smaller phone. Good luck with your new provider.

I have heard mixed things about them. Personally, I just don’t like MintSIM pricing style. There is no guarantee that the prices u see now, will be the same after your 3, 6, or 12 month package is up. Also, its all introductory prices at first, then u have to pay for a full year to get that same price. I much prefer R.W.'s or Fi’s monthly style of base cost and pay for what GB u want or use.

Also, R.W has better roaming talk and text coverage where Mint doesn’t. (looking at coverage maps)

There already is a extensive threads on here about others comments on MintSIM…so kinda getting off topic for this thread.

And yet you feel compelled continue the topic by bringing up Mint Sim. Note that Katie brought Mint Sim into the topic and not me.

You seem to overlook the fact that the Defy plan, plan 1 , and the refund plan are no longer available for new phones. In my case, the new plans cost a lot more!

Things change! Republic has changed! If Mint Sim proves to be an problem, then I’ll move on, since I’ve found porting my phone number to be simple and fairly easy to do.

The bottom line is that Republic isn’t meeting Katie’s or my needs.

I am just chiming in on the topic as there has already been several other threads discussing the “can/when is this phone model compatible” and also the topic of alternative low cost alternative MVNO’s that said user could use their preferred BYOD device on. (sorry for the length of this)

I don’t know much of any details of how things were in early R.W. days of the Beta, Defy and 1.0 plans…

I didn’t even know of R.W. until a few years ago, as i discovered their “2.0” plans and the cheap and small phones as i was researching the cheapest option for my 54yr old mother. She was on a flip phone on VZW and it cost $25 a month plus taxes and was only 1,000 shared minutes. She is a HUGE talker. (annoyingly so). And those free phones from the government assistance programs were far too limited (250 min) to work for her.

I got her the Moto G 1st gen new from R.W for $99. and at first the $10 base plan. But then she wanted to use google and weather app while traveling on buss or light-rail train, so i upped it to the $17.50 refund plan. She never uses more than 200mb…so its only about $13 a month after taxes. For her, she doesn’t want a new phone…they all are too large for her. Nothing wrong with the one she has and it does more than she ever wants it to.

( I never saw the purpose of the $5 wifi only plan as u have no talk/text over cell. I can use a few free apps to make a no sim phone fully a wifi only VOIP talk/text device in a few minutes easy.)

That being said, those who want a new “modern” device, the main trade off on the R.W. side is the slightly higher plan cost. But, as certainly been discussed to death on several other threads on this site, u get plenty of new benefits. Several Modern devices to choose from, all with updated OS (that isn’t a custom R.W. rom, better hardware, unlocked devices u can use it on any other carrier if u so wish. And, data per GB is far cheaper than most everyone out there.

The 4.0 plans is what got R.W. on my radar for myself to seriously consider switching to. I love my Flagship model phones and am a moderate data user. The older plans were very much not to my needs. ( I was about to switch to Project Fi, but now R.W. is far cheaper for my usage)

But yes, I can see peoples frustration and even anger. My mother pays ~$13 now that meets her needs. For a 3.0/4.0 with data plan is ~$23 a month. $10 more. For folks on a fixed income…that is often not doable. (not to mention the higher cost of a compatible, higher end device)

The cost of the modern phones themselves have nothing to do with R.W. They are a re-seller. The cost of flagship phones are going up and up…(I like to blame Apple for that trend). But there is still good budget phones out there. Now with Android Go phones coming into the market…Like $50 devices that are quite decent. On par or better than the “2.0” era R.W. compatible devices. (No idea if GO phones will be supported on R.W. though. )

One can still buy the 2.0 era R.W. phones used really cheap on or ebay. I bought a used on Swappa a R. W. Moto G 1st gen, Mint condition for $40 as a backup phone for my mother in case she broke or lost her Moto. Yes, they are not “brand new” but most still work fine. U can replace the battery in some models or take it to a cell shop that does that for models that are nor user replaceable. R.W., as far as I know, will never fully discontinue the older plans, so as long as the devices still exist and work, one can activate an use those “legacy” plans. This is something that no other big carrier allows…once u change out of a “grandfathered in” plan, its gone forever.

There is a choice to be made…stick with the older device and legacy plan and keep paying what u are now…or, if u want newer and better, u gotta pay more…as with anything these days. Old car vs new car. Old computer vs new computer. Everything cost far more than the old stuff ever did.

As far as the only other very low cost MVNO’s, if your main concern is data cost, then MINTsim and Redpocket may be your best bet. If ur a very little to no data user and only care about minutes and texts, TING may be an good option.

Wish you well.

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