Sony Xperia X Compact F5321....will this work with Republic Wireless?

I am looking for a smaller smartphone such as the Sony Xperia X Compact F5321.

Can anyone tell me if this phone will work with Republic Wireless?

Many thanks for a response.

Hal Nash
Waldport, Oregon

Sorry, but no.

The list of compatible phones is here:

That’s a REAL disappointment.

Smartphones have gotten so big that they are not handy to carry around.

Anyone suggest a smartphone that’s small like this Xperia that works with Republic and runs Android Oreo?

Pixel 2 or Pixel 3. (non XL)

Or for a more basic cheaper phone, The Moto E4, though it is a tad older device now)
All the newer Motos are all bigger than the E4.

And yes, the market trend is bigger, larger screen phones…that is what folks want it seems.
And most recently, folding, large screen phones…

My mother does not want a big phone either, even the Moto E4 she has now, is a bit big.
She originally had an old Moto G1, which was much smaller, and it took some getting used to when she went to the larger E4.

The Pixel phones are about the same size what I have now… a LG Nexus 5X.

The only folding phone I would want is the Razr “flip” smartphone… but at $1500 a pop… no way.

Pretty disappointing that it’s all about the bigger-is-better thing.:confused:

When size or other key attributes matter … Detailed Supported Phone Features provides a table of these for all the supported phones. This is the outgrowth of an article introduced by @BillG and supported by others. Check it out in the link above or see some of the other user contributions in Tips & Tricks

jben… thanks for that. My Nexus 5X is 0.2" bigger than the smallest supported phone… not enough for me to switch.

But thanks for providing that resource.

The 1st Gen Pixel, is a tad smaller than the 5X. A buddy of mine said that the 5X was just a tad to big for his hand and the Pixel was perfect for him.

I don’t know about the Pixel 2, we both skipped that model, but the Pixel 3, is just as good for him. No complaints.

I had a 1st gen Pixel XL, and loved it. But I started to desire a smaller device…having the Pixel 3 now, i very much prefer it.

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