Sony Xperia XA Ultra?


Does, or will, a Sony Xperia XA Ultra work on Republic Wireless? If it will in the future, when is the projected timeframe? I’m trying to decide on whether to buy a phone that’s currently supported, or wait for one of the other phones I’d like.



in a word NO

at this time this phone is has not been approved only approved phones with correct model numbers and build versions may be used on Republic Bring_Your_Own_Phone_FAQs

Republic is always looking in to more phones but no time frames on when or if a Sony Xperia XA Ultra will be added

note so far all approved phones are US regional factory Unlock and not carrier versions


Don’t see your phone listed?

Tell us which phone you would like to see Republic Wireless support in the future.


The above link provides the ability to let Republic know what you want … it is contained on the Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless page (off of the Sales pages)


Thank you for the info!


Thank you!

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