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Recently I have received several voice mails to my cell phone from medical facilities for a Timothy. It’s obviously the wrong number. Today when I called they read me the actual number that they are dialing and it’s totally unrelated to mine, yet it is coming to my phone.
I did transfer my number to this phone when I bought it, it’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me: that his number was this phone’s original number. But I don’t really understand the technology so I could be miles away from what is really happening.
What do you think?

In order for Republic Wireless’s patented Wi-Fi calling to work, your phone has a secondary cellular number. The number is not visible to you, but it’s possible this number once belonged to “Timothy.”


i have had this as well. I agree with the previous comment that it is most likely your secondary number which all republic phones have. It is a recycled number that had at one time been in use. You can request Republic to give you a new secondary number, but there is no guarantee that doing so will fix it. It actually could make it worse. So you do take a gamble getting a new secondary number.


Hi @julieb.f8myaa,

@cbwahlstrom’s explanation is correct. The easiest thing to do when you are dealing with a real caller rather than a recording is to simply let them know that the number they are calling is no longer Timothy’s number.

For the sake of clarity, other than in the rare case of a new area code or exchange being opened up, any telephone number is recycled. Never used telephone numbers are the exception not the rule.

As a case in point, I’ve been giving Visible a trial this month. In addition to abysmal cell data speeds in my area due to network deprioritization, I’ve been receiving relatively high volumes of spam calls and text messages for Rose on the newly assigned number Visible gave me.

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