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hi, im getting this error message in response to clicking a ‘call me’ button on a social media page while trying to verify my account… can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue? plz help (ps i did see a post that a phone restart would work but it has not) thnx in advance


What social media page are you using?

Republic numbers is considered VOIP or “wireline” by the FCC and not “mobile” numbers.
Many services like Venmo, Twitter…etc, do not accept such numbers for Identify verification or 2 Factor Authentication etc.

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I’m not the OP, but I’m currently having this problem with Venmo. I can’t register with them because my # shows to them as a VOIP. I’ve had this problem before and just stop because I get frustrated with it. How can I get around this?


You can not use Venmo if you have a Republic (or any other VOIP based number) number, simple as that.
You can complain to Venmo as it is their set policy to not accept VOIP numbers.
There is nothing Republic can do about that sadly.
I suggest you use some other money sending service, there are plenty.
I use PayPal fine which does the same thing as Venmo (i think??) send and receive money.
There is an existing conversation on Venmo here:


twitter. i was banned! wrongly lol and reinstated but while banned this issue occurred but no longer an issue after reinstatement so… was a falsely generated error message on their part? hmmmmm

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