Sound decreases after getting notification



What phone do you have? Moto X Pure

What plan are you on? 3.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, Talk, & Text

Issue Description

I have been having this issue for awhile. When I have my phone connected to the bluetooth in my car and listing to music using Google Music, the volume decreases whenever I get a notification. It does not come back up until I get another notification. As a point of reference I usually have my car audio at about 20 with the volume on my phone turned all the way up. When it drops after a notification I usually have to bump it up quite a bit for it to be at the same listening level it was, usually 30 or so. And then after the next notification and it “fixes” itself it is blaring loud. It could be my imagination, but it also seems like I really have to crank the volume more to get any noticeable change in volume when it is in the decreased state.


Questions to help narrow things down

  • What is driving the Notification? (who’s is it)
  • Do you have the same results if you boot up in Safe Mode? (to help eliminate 3rd party interference)


I will spend some time to determine exactly which notifications are triggering it.


2 things

1st do you have a bluetooth earpiece, if so did you turn it off
2nd put the phone in DND 1 mode

according to report this problem as been around for years and no fix in sight…

1 (DND = do not disturb)


I do not have a bluetooth earpiece but do use my car’s bluetooth connection for calls, texts, and music. What I have found is that it seems to be connected to my receiving text messages. Moto has a feature that will read the text to me while I am driving and allows me to send texts while driving by voice. It is very handy and something I do not want to turn off, but it is frustrating that it is lowering my music volume. It will pause the music automatically to read me the text and then automatically resumes the music when I am done responding.


Hi @kevins.k2y5wk,

It’s interesting that you’ve narrowed the situation down to incoming text messages. Does the volume also get reduced if there’s a text message and the Moto app does not read the text?
Does it happen if you’re just listening to music and you ask the phone to “read my notifications”?

I wonder if it would be possible for someone to work around this with Macrodroid?
@haptown, @billg?


Macrodroid is so flexible it’s hard to imaging it couldn’t work around this issue. It’s hard to develop one that will work without being able to test it in the OP’s environment but @kevins.k2y5wk can probably test and expand on this while in his car. I whipped-up this sample in about one minute: It might need volume controls.

I can’t test this in my car because my car’s Entune system recognizes incoming messages and displays them on the nav screen.



Looks like the MacroDroid script might raise the Bell/Notification volume in ordinary situations as it did in my testing, but it looks like the volume reduction might be a hardware problem.

You probably can try the script by using Google Play Music at home and have someone send you a text. If the volume drops and then doesn’t return to the previous volume, press the vol key and see if the bell volume is the same as before. If it is, but the sound is still reduced, then the script probably has no effect. To see if the script executed, add another Action under Logging to Log Event. When executed, you can check System Log by pressing on the hamburger button on the main screen of MacroDroid.

Read the long thread from the Lenovo forums that I linked below concerning the Z2 Play as it seems to be similar to what the OP with the Moto X Pure was describing. What they were saying it the music volume decreased whenever another app or process sent a sound notification that caused the music volume to be reduced, and then the music volume was not returned to the previous level immediately. Seems to happen with any music app and also may not be bluetooth related.

@billg @southpaw



@kevins.k2y5wk Were you ever able to get anything figured out with this issue?


No I haven’t had time to really mess with it lately. If I get a chance to do more with it, I will post.


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