My volume is turned up but my phone doesn’t make a sound.

Which sound (ringtone/music/etc)?

Which Phone?

For Ringtone and Notifications:

  • Open Home Screen.
  • Tap the Vol up or Vol down button
  • Make sure slider is up, and that “All” is selected below the soundbar, not Priority or None.

For other sounds:

  • Open Settings App
  • Select “Sound & Notifications”
  • Make sure sliders are up

Make sure you are not connected to a Bluetooth device and are inadvertently sending sounds there.

Also, if you have been using headphones, Make sure the plug is unobstructed, then try inserting and removing the headphone Plug a few times just in case something in there had been stuck open, that may free.

I am not getting ring tone or notifications but also no sound from u tube etc… all is selected.

I modified my first instructions a bit, but if all of those still fail…Try rebooting, and if still unsuccessful, try clearing your App and System CacheClearing the Cache

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