Spam app has taken over my Moto E6

Have data, talk, text plan, on Moto E6
Downloaded a reputable weather app from the playstore, in the app was an ad for a Live Radar app -I clicked on it and installed. This is where the problem started - somehow it put on my phone something called a Browser (icon is a blue/white world globe) - this thing is now a slide-out on the left side of my screen. My normal app icons are now mostly removed from the screen but still on the phone. In the listing of apps (where you swipe up) there is a row of “recommended” apps - no idea where that came from, and at the bottom of the phone are ads that look to be spam-like.
There is also on my home screen a blue down arrow, which is just a spam-like listing of ads.

How can I get my phone back to normal? The “Browser” and “Live Radar” things can’t not be uninstalled using the normal press and drag to the top.

Thanks very much for your help. This is troubling. I’ve never had ads and spam problems. Also senior citizen, not that tech savy.

It’s a little hard to tell from the description, but perhaps it’s the Weather Home App Malware. Here are some instructions I found during an internet search for removing. I can’t vouch for the accuracy, since I’ve never personally experienced this:

Thank you for the link - this does look promising. However, assuming the initial direction
go to Settings/More/Application Manager/All - I can’t locate this in the phone’s “settings”
Maybe I don’t know where to look? But I’m in Settings and don’t see the /More/Application Manager/All . Guess that is the first step? Thanks for continued help.

I have to go out and will not be able to return to this discussion until this afternoon.
I don’t know how to read this forum on my phone. Thank you.

Try Settings/Apps & notifications/See all XXX apps. It can vary a bit depending on which version of Android the phone is running, but the bottom line is you want to get to the Applications screen so you can select an app and clear cache and storage (assuming the author of the article has successfully detailed how to remove the malware/adware).

Thanks again. On my phone the Clear Cache option seems to be greyed out on any app I choose.
Then I skimmed the link you provided for “clear cache” and I see: With the update to Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has removed the ability to clear the system cache from the partition for some phones. Instead, the system cache is cleared every time the phone is rebooted.


Yes, that is in reference to the Android system cache (the link was added automatically, I didn’t actually insert that link), which is different than the app cache. You want to clear the app cache and data for “Internet” (if you have such an app) and “Chrome.” If the cache for those apps is greyed out, it’s likely the cache for that app is already clear.

If you have an app called “Internet” or “Web Browser & Explorer” you may just want to delete it. It seems that these apps are usually adware. Perhaps you can also find whatever radar app you downloaded and delete it.

You may also be able to eliminate the malware/adware by using an anti-malware app such as Malwarebytes.

Just as a follow-up to this nasty culprit “weather port/Live radar” invasive app that without my permission rearranged all my desktop icons, and even removed some of them. I did install Malwarebytes - it found no malware.
I cleared the Chrome browser cache - no help.
I did some more reading on this particular app and found out you can uninstall it via the Google PlayStore under My Apps. It worked - gone, and my desktop icons returned to their normal places.

Thanks again for your help. E


Hi @evl,

Thanks for following up to let us know how things turned out.

I’m wondering if there was some particular weather-reporting function you were looking for, and if so, maybe others in Community could recommend their favorite weather apps that have that kind of function.

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