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Moto X Gen 2

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Includes Data

Issue Description

Republic Wireless APP does not have option to enable spam blocking. I only have voicemail settings. I suspect this is because the feature is simply not offered on my phone, but I wanted to ask to be sure. I updated the app to the latest version (2019 version) but it still doesn’t show. Thanks for any info!

Hi @tepper,

You are correct about that. The spam blocking feature you reference requires a newer Republic compatible (a/k/a 3.0) phone using a My Choice plan. The feature is not available for legacy Republic phones (Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2).

Republic does document that here:

The information here may be of interest:



Thanks for responding to my question, and for responding so quickly. Thanks for confirming my suspicion. The article that you linked to is very interesting. Until I get a new phone/plan, I will try that for my version of Android.

Thanks again!


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