Spam Blocking stopped working?

I was a happy user of the spam call blocking feature released a year ago and used it. And I feel like my unwanted call volume went down. But after a couple months, the app stopped asking whether the call I had just ended after 2.3 seconds was Spam or not. And the spam calls are back with a vengeance (3 just in the last two hours). My blacklist is still there and the feature is still on, but I don’t get asked to classify the calls anymore. Is there a limit to how many I can have on my blacklist? Or is something else happening here? Thanks

I have a Moto X Pure Edition, running Android 7.0

Hi @speedf and welcome to the Community!

The Republic spam blocking feature you reference was never anything more than an alternative interface to Android’s native call blocking. You may continue to use that as described by a fellow member (Republic likes to call customers members) here: How to block unwanted calls and texts.

Republic replaced its alternative interface to Android’s native call blocking with the network based feature described here: How to Block Robocalls/Spam Calls Using the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help. If you’re not using it, I suggest giving it a try.

The two approaches to call blocking aren’t mutually exclusive. Republic’s network based method is intended to stop unwanted calls from reaching your phone to begin with. For those that still get through, Android’s native option remains available via the Phone app.


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