Spam call from contact


I just received a spam call that appeared to be from someone in my contacts. What would cause this? On what end is there a problem?


I don’t know that this is a common occurrence. It may have been an unusual anomaly. Perhaps someone can offer a more informed reason for it. It may never happen again. But, if it does, I hope you will come back to this thread and update us. Or, if anyone else has seen this behavior, perhaps they could add some insight.


Business lines, like ISDN circuits, can dynamically configure the outgoing CallerID information. Apps have been known to surreptitiously send contacts to the app developers. This allows spammers to call you using the number of a known contact, which makes you more likely to answer the call.

It’s unfortunate, but there’s really no way to protect yourself from this.


It takes neither a business line or an ISDN circuit to spoof Caller ID. I have multiple VoIP accounts that allow for Caller ID spoofing and there are legitimate reasons for doing so. For example, anyone who’s ever received a call from a toll-free number has received a call using a spoofed Caller ID. Toll-free numbers are inbound only with no ability to make outbound calls.

Sadly, some service providers are better than others at requiring customers wanting to spoof Caller ID to prove ownership of the number they wish to spoof. Those who would abuse the process understand and take advantage of this. Consistently requiring proof of number ownership would put an end to most illegitimate Caller ID spoofing.