Spam calls all the time

What phone do you have? MotoE4

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data, talk & text

Issue Description

I got three calls today already from numbers that share the first 7 digits of my phone number. Are so similar that I answer only to hear nothing. Not even noise.

Sorry. I use Google Voice. They have a pretty good spam blocking feature, but I still sometimes get 3-4 calls a day to lower my credit card rates, extend my auto warranty, buy drugs, get a back brace paid for by medicare (I’m not old enough for medicare). There are also some calls that just hang up or are silent. I’m not sure it matters which carrier you are on. Spam is prevalent.

Hi @priscillap.nvdfz8,

Indeed your experience is a specific example of Caller ID spoofing known as neighbor spoofing. Regrettably, there isn’t much to be done about it currently. More from the FCC is linked here:

You might find some relief from spam calls generally by enabling Republic’s spam filtering described here:


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