Spam calls handling for new plan 5.0

What spam call protection is included with the new plan? Is it comparable or the same as what the 4.0 plan offers?

Guess the answer is nobody knows.

Here are the things we know:

  1. The spam filtering that Republic offered through their app is not on the 5.0 side, so Republic’s spam blocking is not there.

  2. Your phone itself may offer spam blocking (Samsung’s do for instance), that would be unchanged whether the phone is active on 4.0 or 5.0.

  3. We don’t know what part of AT&T’s spam blocking Republic customers do or don’t get. Some of it, that is FCC mandatory, including some of the STIR/SHAKEN stuff happens in the network and would impact all AT&T customers (including Republic). Whether Republic gets anything above that, it appears that at this time it is unknown.

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Guess I’ll just hang on to my current plan until Republic forces me off it. Not one to venture into unknown territory.