SPAM Phone Calls

I had an interesting experience today.
The extend phone was ringing and ringing yet the cell phone was quiet as could be.

It took me a bit to figure out why the cell phone wasn’t ringing but the extended phone was. It now explains over the course of the past week I’ve heard it ring but didn’t pay much attention to it at the time. Today the 2 phones were right next to each other.

After digging, the number that appeared in the extended phone’s caller ID was in my android’s blocked caller list.

This presents and interesting wrinkle. How to keep the extended phone quiet when a blocked number is in the phone. My spam calls are so high that unless the caller is in my contact list I don’t answer the cell.

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Whoa! If this is not fixable, I’ll be pulling the plug on the extender!

Hi @joelb.wilmywood,

A number you are blocking on your mobile phone using Android’s native blocking is being blocked on the phone not Republic’s network, therefore, as you’ve found out, they will ring through to the Extend Home ATA. Calls blocked by Republic’s network based spam blocking will also not reach the ATA.

Regarding potential solutions; some more elaborate handsets may have device based blocking options analogous to Android’s on phone blocking. Alternatively, Republic would need to consider adding a way for end user’s to add numbers to a network based block list. The latter is possible in the sense other Voice over Internet Protocol services offer this. It is not yet something developed by Republic.


I think it’s a huge issue. Without call blocking, my extended phone could be ringing constantly.

Has it been?

@rolandh, it has not.

I think Roland’s point is if it is going to ring all the time, it would be ringing all the time. Honestly, user block lists are fairly useless against spammers. Spammers don’t use their actual caller ID and all you’re doing is blocking a real number permanently when the spammer is probably using it for 24 hours or less. The fact that the ATA isn’t ringing says the folks you have blocked aren’t calling any more.

Understood. Truth be told, I get most on my landline, which I want to disconnect. In the meantime, I’ve turned out the ringer!

Thank you for bringing this up. Two things spring to mind:

  1. Connecting my home phone system this way completely solves the problem of my cell not ringing due to the doze mode causing WiFi to drop. Cell service at my home is poor so I presently use Macrodroid to overcome the doze problem.

  2. Perhaps RW could add a feature to the Republic app that would update a blocked call list in our account when we chose to block a number. That list would be consulted before ringing either the cell phone or the ATA.

I had the opposite experience today, my RW cell rang but my EH handset did not. Call was listed as missed call on my RW cell but no sign of missed call on EH handset. I do not answer calls I do not recognize and they did not leave a message so it could have been a spam call. I do not have any numbers blocked on EH handset.

I was just about to type this. The other day, I got a phone call on my phone but my home phone didn’t ring. I used Google’s call screening feature at first but decided to answer and see who it was. It turned out to be someone calling a “wrong” number

However, it made me realize that the extended home feature helped identify when a person calls the cellular routing number as apposed to your Republic Wireless number (which though only works when you are at home and can hear both phones ringing).


So if the RW cell rings but the EH handset does not, it is someone calling the cellular routing number? I imagine if you are not home you can also tell by comparing missed calls on the RW cell and the ID log on the EH handset. The ability to identify inbound cellular routing calls is a great way for me to then block those calls on my RW cell :blush:

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