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Just wondering. When I hang-up on the call and I get the option to report, where does the report get sent? And what good does the report do if the number is neighbor spoofed?

The report function isn’t a Republic function, so the answer depends on which phone/dialer you’re using. On a Pixel the report goes to Google, on a Samsung, it goes to Samsung, etc.

Each one of them maintains a database of spam numbers that they use to mark calls as spam as they are received through the functionality they provide with their dialer. 3rd party dialers often offer the same thing.

Your question about neighbor spoofing is a good one. The general answer to “what good” is likely little to none. Generally spammers using neighbor spoofing use the number very briefly and move on. You’re more likely to block a good number of an innocent user rather than block a number that will ever spam you again.

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I figured out that was the case. I never block any of the spam numbers for just this reason. I was just wondering wether it’s even worth hitting the report button. Mines a Sammy s9+.

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If they’re neighbor spoofed the likely answer is it isn’t worth it.

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