Spartanburg BMW plant - NO Republic Cell service available

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As a starting point, would would be willing to share the zip code (nothing more) where service is no longer adequate? Additionally, knowing the brand, model and generation of your phone would help us best help you.

While correct that Republic offers cellular service on T-Mobile’s network, it is not the only option.

  • The fact that BMW switched their main carrier to T-Mobile should not affect any Republic’s phone access to cellular, however, a few bits of information from you may provide something that will help get you the help you need.
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zip 29303 moto g stylus version 11

Phone is Moto G Stylus, GSM.

Thank you for being willing to share the zip! According to T-Mobile’s coverage map, generally coverage in and around Spartanburg looks to be robust. There are, however, some pockets of not so good coverage in the area. You might plug your work address into the map here to see if it happens to be in one of those pockets:

As mentioned, in my original response, Republic does offer alternative coverage, which is on Sprint’s legacy network. Regardless of what T-Mobile’s map suggests, asking Republic to evaluate whether coverage on Sprint’s legacy network would be better is worthwhile. Here’s how to ask for that:

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This still is odd, but to provide you something that you can try now that may (or may not) help, I would suggest that you do the following

thank you so much!

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The wording had me a bit confused, too, but I think perhaps @kandiee means that Republic switched the carrier network for her phones to T-Mobile, and a coverage gap is impacting her ability to use her phone when she’s at work.

No, BMW used to use Verizon for their millions of business-issued cell phones. They changed the carrier for all their cell phones to T-mobile; and the exact day that they changed over I lost my cell service.

Did you try the Refresh Activation I suggested above?

I have to wait until I can get on Wi-Fi. They don’t let us connect to theirs. I will do it today when I can connect at home at lunch (forgot to do it when I went home last night). I will provide an update on that solution when I get back today! :slight_smile:

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I wish to be certain we are understanding correctly. Your lost cell service is on your personal Republic Wireless phone, correct?

Did you plug the address into the map as suggested by rolandh? What type of coverage is there? Does it good signal, excellent signal or something else?

Also, I am wondering what other employees that have work issued phones say about coverage at your place of employment?

Other people who had no signal before the switch (they have Verizon and cricket) now have full bars while I lost all of mine. It’s very strange. I just checked the settings on my phone and it shows my mobile network state as being disconnected. I’m at home using my Wi-Fi at the moment. Why would I show as disconnected?? I get service when I’m driving and at other locations. I don’t get it.

I just did the activation but I have to wait until I get back to work in about an hour to see if it worked. I did check my settings and it shows that my mobile network state is disconnected. Why would it show disconnected??

I believe it will show disconnected on cell as long as you have WiFi connected, you can check by into settings and toggling WiFi off

Ok thank you. It worried me! Ok so I’ve requested a CDMA SIM card and I performed the reactivation. I will check to see if the reactivation made a difference. Thank you!

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Ok, so I am back at work after performing the reactivation. Still no cell service for me, but everyone else has service. No one here uses Republic Wireless. If the new SIM card doesn’t do the trick I guess I’ll have to switch providers :frowning:

Great, I was afraid of that … thanks for trying!
At this point, I would suggest you Open a Ticket with the Republic Team, documenting what you have done within the ticket as well as the impact on you being without a working cell phone. You may also want to reference this community discussion (redundant, but it may help)
Hopefully, they can see something that we have missed and provide a fix for you

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback & help I have received on here! it was unexpected, pleasant and prompt. Just having this interaction took away a lot of my frustration of just not knowing. I hope you all have a WONDERful day :slight_smile: :grinning:

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