Spartanburg BMW plant - NO Republic Cell service available

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback & help I have received on here! it was unexpected, pleasant and prompt. Just having this interaction took away a lot of my frustration of just not knowing. I hope you all have a WONDERful day :slight_smile: :grinning:

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If you have requested the CDMA SIM card, then you already have a ticket open, as that request is a ticket. No need to open a new one.

If you turn off WiFi (in the phone’s settings) when you’re at home, do you have cellular service?

Are you sure the phone is not trying to connect to a WiFi network in the office? Sometimes we’ve seen phones connect to odd things, like printers, that aren’t a functional internet source, but prevent the phone from connecting to the cellular signal.

Have you made sure the phone is not in Airplane mode and that cellular data is enabled?

Could you share a screenshot where you were seeing the Mobile Network State disconnected?

I have the new SIM card. No service at work on this one either. I guess I’ll to switch carriers at the end of the month. Oh well.

Hi @kandlee,

I admit to being perplexed. First, I’d like to offer some context. Republic partners with one of two cellular networks for service when away from WiFi. Republic’s GSM network partner is T-Mobile. Republic’s CDMA network partner is Sprint. Although T-Mobile has completed its’ acquisition of Sprint’s network, for now the networks remain separate.

According to their respective coverage maps, either network partner should be able to offer quality coverage in and around Spartanburg. My reading of the maps suggest Sprint’s network is the better of the two and that is why I suggested requesting a Republic CDMA (Sprint network) SIM.

You mention in your original post that your employer BMW switched their “main carrier” to T-Mobile. There is no reason your employer’s decision to switch its’ carrier to T-Mobile would impact service to your Republic Wireless activated Moto G Stylus. Is there a reason you brought up the fact your employer changed their carrier? Does your employer provide its’ employees with mobile phones?

You also mention others (co-workers?) using Verizon and Cricket. Cricket uses AT&T’s network and Verizon, of course, uses Verizon’s network. Do you have any co-workers using T-Mobile or Sprint?

In addition to the things @rolandh asked, I wonder if we might make sure of a few settings on your phone and make sure we’re fully understanding the situation.

Does your phone work anywhere? I’m wondering if it’s only when you’re at work that it fails, or is it everywhere except on your home WiFi?

Could you share a screenshot of your “quick settings” menu? Touch at the very top of the screen, and drag your finger downward not just once (to see notifications) but twice to see a bunch of quick-access settings icons. Can you take a screenshot of that and show it to us?

Did you keep the old SIM card when you received the new one?

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Yes l don’t understand the correlation either. I use my personal phone. Their business phones are now on T-Mobile and they work. That’s why I was perplexed that I had good service until they changed to the provider that I’m actually on. I expected better service but instead lost what I had lol

Hi @kandiee,

Are you able to provide the screenshot I requested or answer any of the other questions about using the phone on cell in other locations?

We agree this is a very unusual situation, and would very much like to troubleshoot with you further, as there is bound to be a solution.

I can take the screenshot now and send it later when I have coverage; which is when I walk out of the turnstile into the parking lot. I then have full bars. The phone works perfectly well in other locations even when not on Wi-fi. It used to work here, until 2 weeks ago when they switched the business phone carrier to T-Mobile. That is when I lost my personal cell service inside the building. It did not affect any one else’s coverage on their personal phones. All the business phones are on T-Mobile. Personal phone users have Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint; but no one else uses Republic as their provider that I have run across so far.

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Hi @kandiee,

Just wondering if you’ve had any breakthroughs on this, or if you wanted to continue troubleshooting. Did you ask any of the people using personal T-Mobile phones if they were having trouble?

When the business phones were moved to T-Mobile was any sort of equipment installed in the office or outside the office building to provide cellular service to those business phones?

I took the liberty of changing the title of your problem-solving discussion. Hopefully, this will bring new eyes to the table.
Those of us who have commented so far remain interested in finding a solution with you.

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There is only one thing I can think of on this. As part of changing their service to T-Mobile your company installed repeaters inside of the factory for the T-Mobile signal. Instead of making these available to everyone, they are limited to the devices issued by the company. When they turned these on the local signals they broadcast overwhelmed the native T-Mobile signal from outside the factory, causing your phone to only see a signal that it doesn’t have access to. When you walk out the door you walk out of range of the local broadcast, back to the “normal” T-Mobile signal, getting service back.

If this is the case you would be able to verify with co-workers with personal T-Mobile phones who should be experiencing the same thing. The only solution in this case would be a carrier that doesn’t use T-Mobile or your employer opening up the repeaters to everyone or allowing registration of personal cell phones for use on the repeaters.


I think you are right on with this explanation. It’s pretty much what I was thinking, but I REALLY wanted to try any other option before making the switch because it’s such a pain. I actually ran into another T-Mobile user on Thursday while I was outside getting a signal. He told me he has the same issue, so I think that pretty much confirms it. Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it!


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