Speaker phone volume won't lower

I have a Moto G Stylus, talk and text plan with no data.

Whenever I’m listening to voicemail and tap the speaker button the volume is too loud. I push the volume-down button or go into the volume controls and slide down the different volumes but it always stays at the same loud volume.

Hi @thomasv.0lapgy,

I just tried what you’re describing on a Moto G Stylus, and didn’t have any trouble adjusting the volume.

Are you doing this while the voicemail is playing??

When you push the volume-down button on the side of the phone, it’s the slider with the “phone” icon that you’ll want to adjust. The speaker icon, is, however, meant to be very loud, so even at a low volume, it’s still fairly loud, but I can definitely tell a difference between maximum and minimum volume levels.

If you keep having trouble with it, let us know, and if you can think of any other details that might help us understand what you’re experiencing, maybe we can figure it out together.

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Hi @thomasv.0lapgy Welcome to the community! We’d love to continue to help with this issue if you’re still having a problem. What’s the current status? Did the advice above help?

Thanks for checking it out.
Maybe some day Motorola will design it so that the lowest volume setting isn’t so loud.

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