Speakerphone button not working in google voice

I think speakerphone button /option is no longer working while making calls via google voice. It used to work great, but recently when I go click on the button that says “sound” during the call nothing happens.

I think it might have been the last google voice update or possibly the latest android update.

Anyone else having this issue?

Phone: Moto G5 plus
Android Ver: 8.1.0
Patch level: Feb 1 , 2019

Hi Tomas, Welcome to the community! I’ve just tested this on a non-Republic phone and I can replicate the issue, specifically, get in to active call and hit the Sound button which should put the call on speaker but that fails and call remains in standard phone earpiece mode.

This appears to be a Google issue. I recommend using the Help & Feeback – Send Feedback function to let Google know of the issue (I have done that as well).

Phone: LG V40
Android Ver: 8.1
Patch: Feb 1, 2019
GV Version: 2019.14.240805279


Google is aware of the issue it seems.

This is a known issue with a recent update of the Google Voice app


I tried this again after the latest google voice update (april 23, 2019), and it looks like the problem has been resolved.


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