Special Offer From Samsung: 256GB MicroSD Card


Today, we’re excited to announce a special deal from our friends at Samsung. From now until February 14th, when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you qualify for a free 256GB MicroSD card.

Here’s how it works:

Purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge from Republic Wireless. Once you receive your phone, visit Samsung Promotions to redeem your offer. You must have your phone’s MEID and your Republic phone purchase receipt in order to enter. Fill out the online claim form and upload an image of your receipt to claim your MicroSD card. Once your offer claim form is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll receive your MicroSD card within 4-6 weeks from Samsung.

This promotion runs until February 14, 2017. Supplies are limited. Terms and Conditions apply. Full details are available here.

Please note that this promotion, including redemption and fulfillment, is being run by Samsung, not Republic Wireless.

All entries, questions, and requests should be directed to Samsung here.

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to leave them here.


if I purchase this phone from Republic to take advantage of the promo, will it work only on the Republic network, or is it an unlocked phone that could be used on other networks (with an appropriate SIM card)?


Hi @davidv.x667uv,

All the phones we currently sell in our online store are unlocked.

From our Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

If I buy one of the Republic Wireless 3.0 phones from Republic, can I later use it on a different provider?

Yes. All of the Republic Wireless 3.0 phones are unlocked, meaning you can take them to a different provider as long as the phone meets the new provider’s Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) requirements.


Republic sell north American Factory Unlocked phones so yes you my take them elsewhere as Republic has no contract


Well this is rather annoying. I just bought 2 SG7 Edge phones on the 5th


The S7 Edge is currently on back order through Republic until next Wednesday, which is past Samsung’s Feb. 14th deadline. Do I need to actually have the phone in my possession to have the MEID number I need from it to claim the 256 GB card, or will I get the MEID when I place the order?



Hi @bucky_brewpack,

We are currently out of stock on the Galaxy S7 Edge for Sprint coverage areas. We are targeting Wednesday 2/15 to resume shipping them.

We currently have them in stock for GSM activation, so there is a chance your order could be fulfilled in our normal 2-3 day window.

You will know when you place the order, as you will receive a back-order notification if your coverage area indicates you should receive the version of the phone equipped for Sprint coverage areas.

According to the terms and conditions, you must purchase by 2/14, but you have until 2/21 to submit your claim.


Now I’m confused. I thought the S7 Edge on sale from Republic was unlocked and could be used on any network worldwide, CDMA, GSM, whatever, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc. in the USA (as well as with Republic). Now it seems the phones being sold are only able to work on certain networks (per Southpaw’s post Feb 10 at 5:39 pm).


Hi @davidv.x667uv,

Sorry to confuse you.

We are a mobile service provider. If you buy a phone from us, we assume you want our service and we set it up to work on one of our two carrier partners.

If you want to take it elsewhere, check with that carrier for compatibility, buy their SIM card, and activate it with their SIM instead of ours. We do nothing that would prevent you from moving the phone elsewhere.


Thanks for the reply. It is news to me that Republic has two carrier partners. My current Republic phone is on the Sprint network, which I thought was the only one. Which is the other carrier Republic uses?

The reason for my question is that I have been dissatisfied with my existing Republic phone service and when I have problems with it, the availability of help and service from Republic has been spotty. I’m willing to give it another try, on the theory that a new phone might solve some of the problems I have been having. However, if it does not work I would like the option to transfer the new phone I purchase from Republic to another carrier - most likely Verizon. I want to know beforehand what carrier restrictions exist with any new phone I might purchase from Republic.


Here are the coverage maps for the two carriers RW works with:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile



Hi @davidv.x667uv ,

To keep this thread on topic (Samsung S5 edge promotion), I’ll point you to a specific post in a very long thread. Read over this post to get some context about the two carriers. If you have additional questions about coverage, please reply there. If you have additional questions about the promotion, please reply here.


I was reading the threat and what I got is that the S7 with the GSM is in stock? I just tried to order one but it says it’ll take 1-2 weeks, do you have any available? I just wanted to get the 256gb card promotion.


Perhaps they have it in stock here:

Electronics & Appliances: Tablets, Smartphones, TVs | Samsung US

If you buy it from Samsung you will need to buy a SIM from RW or Amazon.


Hi @sergioc.wur5fl,

It says 1-2 weeks because our Samsung Galaxy S7 edge outfitted for use on our network with Sprint as our cellular carrier partner are currently out of stock. We expect to resume shipment on Wednesday. However, we also sell it outfitted for use on a GSM network, and those are currently available.

The system will determine which version is fulfilled for your order, based on the coverage situation in the last Zip code you check with our Coverage Check tool.

If your order is fulfilled with the Sprint-outfitted version and is back-ordered, you have the option to cancel the order n the Account portal, and you will not be charged.


Hello, I ordered my upgrade to the S7-Edge today 2/13/17, what is a MEID number? How do I get a hold of that number so I can file my claim for the 256 GB card before the 21st since my phone probably WON’T get here before then??!! Help!! : (


Hi @galen,

The MEID number is a unique number that identifies the phone. It is available in the Account portal (once the order is filled), on the box, and on the phone itself.

At this time we do anticipate shipping those phones on Wednesday, 2/15.