Specific model requirements on Google Pixel 4XL

The BYOP page for the Google Pixel 4 XL specifies that the required model is “G020J” but also refers to this as the “North America unlocked” version. Other retail sites (for instance this Best Buy page) refer to the NA unlocked version by different model numbers. Google’s store page doesn’t seem to include model numbers, nor does Amazon’s listing for the device.

Can you confirm whether G020J is actually a specific model number that’s required, or whether any NA unlocked version of this device is compatible with RW? I note RW only sells the black 64GB version of this phone (and for a higher price than some other sellers) and I want to confirm whether there really is something very specific about which models are supported by RW.

The north american unlocked model is G020J but is sold under multiple SKUs by places such as Best Buy. This is compatible: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/PD7oR

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Thanks @louisdi. The model you linked is a great example for my question – it’s a 64GB black model just like what RW sells through its store. What I’m wondering is whether, for some reason, RW will only support that model (vs the 128GB model for instance).

My assumption (and hope) would be that any NA unlocked model is supported (regardless of color and memory size) but that’s not something that one would want to confirm after purchase.

Hi @rationull,

In my experience, any Pixel sold as U.S. unlocked will work with Republic. In addition to helping out here in Community, I, like @louisdi, participate in Republic’s Expert program. I’ve answered tens of thousands of questions for fellow Republic members many of them regarding phone compatibility. While there may well be a first time some time, I’ve yet, to the best of my knowledge, steer someone incorrectly regarding compatible phones.

I also currently use a Pixel 4 XL purchased at B&H Photo. Before that I used a “Verizon” Pixel 2 XL purchased from Best Buy.

Memory size doesn’t matter. :slight_smile:

Excellent. This is what I’d hoped.

Given how nonuniform retailers are in reporting model numbers, I wonder if the BYOP guidance should be updated to more generally refer to NA unlocked models. The guidance is a bit more general on @rolandh’s linked page.


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