Specify SIM card when ordering a new phone

We’ve been members of Republic Wireless for several years now and every time one of us upgrades to a new phone we are sent a GSM SIM card by default. I’d like to see a SIM card choice when ordering a new phone from Republic wireless as we require a CDMA SIM card in the area we live in (45311). This would eliminate the extra time it takes to activate and use a new phone due to having to open a help ticket in order to request said card and waiting for the right card to arrive in the mail.
Or possibly just add a place to put order notes at checkout.

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Republic has specifically ruled this out as a possibility due to numerous studies they’ve done that shows allowing for a choice actually scares customers away and reduces confidence in the service.

For future reference you can open the ticket about the SIM right when you order and staff will be able to check what SIM is coming with the phone and send a CDMA SIM which should arrive around the same time as the phone.

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