Spectrum-Charter using Sagecom F@ST 5260 router prevents users from making WiFi

Issue: Could not make Wifi calls at home. After multiple calls with the RW tech team and Spectrum tech team, it was determined that the issue was the Sagecom 5260 router. Yesterday, it was replaced with a Sagecom FAST5280 router - Problem fixed!!! I would like to thank Austin and Gus for their assistance. Also, have one suggestion. Initially, Spectrum would not change out the router because the 5260 is on RW acceptable router listing. RW may want to consider removing it from whatever list is published.

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Interesting as I’m unaware of any official listing of routers acceptable to Republic. There is this on the Republic Wireless Wiki: Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router. Please know the Wiki is an effort from fellow Republic members (Republic likes to call customers members). Nothing on the Wiki is official Republic documentation. I do see the Sagecom FAST5280 but not the Sagecom 5260 listed there. If you happen to know, I’d be curious if Spectrum-Charter is referring to this resource or something else?

Anyway, we’re very happy to hear the issue is resolved for you. Thank you for updating us on the resolution as I’m confident it will help other members dealing with Spectrum-Charter.

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Thanks very much for sharing this information with the community.

  • As you were not the 1st to experience this problem, I have gone back and added a partial extract of the information you provided to all of the discussions I could find
  • I am sure there will be others that will appreciate you bringing this vexing problem to a successful completion.
    • I would suggest that you go to the user provided wiki that @rolandh referenced, and register the 5260 router and flag it as X in the 'This router works for me column. This combined with a positive entry for your working 5280 would be helpful
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FYI, Republic Support has updated the documentation as a result of your problems with the F@st560 router that were fixed when it was upgraded (replaced by) the F@st 5280.
Thanks for helping keep WiFi 1st

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