Spectrum-Charter using Sagemcom F@ST 5260 router prevents users from making WiFi calls


I was thinking the same way, but my local Best buy only had the more expensive ( and slightly older models). So I ordered the Asus above for $67 from Amazon. It’ll probably be this weekend before I install. I’ve never installed a router that required any setup, so I’m hoping the default settings work. Otherwise, any advice on setting one up would be appreciated. Anybody know of any general guidelines?


I bought a Netgear AC1200 R6220-100NAS from Best Buy and got it hooked up yesterday. I tested my phone and I was able to call out!!! Very happy about that. On the down side, the router already disconnected me once so I did a hard reset. I hope that’s not going to be an ongoing issue. I’ve got 2 weeks to return this if it does. So, I am still waiting to hear how the Asus is for setting up in case I need to switch out. I’m not saavy enough to add this Sagemcom router to the Wiki list and put a big red check on it. Can someone else on this thread do that for us??? Thanks.


Just installed my new Asus RT-ARCH13 ($67 from Amazon), and everything seems to work great. Calls between my Moto X 2nd gen and my Moto X 1st gen with both on wifi connect fast.


Thanks for the feedback, if possible could you access page 53 of the ASUS manual then review your installed router and see what the WMM APSD was set by default?


It’s enabled.


OK, be aware that there have been problems with WMM APSD
You may not experience it but this discussion from @billg indicates he had problem with ASUS and disabling APSD was the fix …ymmv as it appears to work differently with different routers/phone
see: Phone won't ring when sleeping


I’m going to be returning my Netgear AC1300 R6220. I’ve been disconnected twice in just a few days. Wonder if it’s when use my Roku1…picture flickers when I watch it? Then the laptop and phone will disconnect sometime later. Either way, it didn’t happen with the Sagemcom. Do any of the ASUS users also have Roku? Be curious. I think I’ll be ordering the ASUS also. Call me crazy, but I’d like to have good phone results AND a stable internet connection! lol.


Here is something I found looking at the Help site for your router How to disable SIP ALG on your NETGEAR device using the genie interface
To me this implies that it may be enabled by default, and this will cause poor VoIP

  • As this is a new router you may want to check the Manual check page 92 and Update the Router firmware, it is usually downlevel when you purchase (due to supply chain delays
  • For Internet streaming, page 40 will walk you through QoS to prioritize this


yep, on by default for netgear


Thanks, disabled it. I’ll test the Roku1 again, too. Phone was working good even with it enabled (so far), but better safe than sorry!


Is you Roku wired or is it using your WiFi? (also look at my previous update as I added a fit after the fact)


It uses WiFi. I’ll check out what you added, jben. I’ve got another week to play around on this router. They only give you 14 days to make a return. Thank you.


We have always ran our Roku wired for the best results (Roku 1 thru current Ultra). Your router has WMM (WiFi Multi Media) enabled by default, this prioritizes the WiFi traffic, voice, video, best effort, and background. It does not provide guaranteed throughput, so if you are bandwidth constrained you may need to check out the QoS mentioned in my note above (page 40)


By wired, do you mean via an Ethernet cable directly from your Roku to your modem? I don’t have that option with my Roku 1, but I like that idea. May have to think about an upgraded Roku. I have the latest firmware update. I did the QoS thing and the screen still jerked around as before so no change there. But, so far my laptop and phone haven’t disconnected (yet). I appreciate your help with this even tho it’s a bit off topic. :slight_smile:

Can I ask one more question since you seem to know about these things…Is “Bandwidth” something that is in the router itself? I don’t recall getting this jumpiness with the Sagemcom so just wondering. thx.


yes ‘wired’ does mean via Ethernet cable. Not sure of how much bandwidth/speed you have, but that could be the limiting factor?
Here is a read from Cnet on improving streaming quality


everything still going good with the Asus?


yep, working great


Stupid question. Did you install the firmware upgrade when you first set it up? I returned the Netgear, it really started disconnecting frequently. I now have the Asus, too! So far so good!


Generally it is a good idea to always update the code, when you purchase a new device like a router. They are manufactured in large quantities, and then through normal distribution delays and store shelf storage you can often get a device that is downlevel. This is especially important in the early life of devices, as it is nearly impossible to find all the bugs in the design laboratories as the varied real life environment is difficult if not impossible to recreate.
Many router manufactures have gone to auto check & update of the code to help us (users) from having to rediscover problems that they have already found and fixed


yes, and it prompted me to do so immediately