Spectrum landline cannot call


What phone do you have? Motorolla G4 Play

What plan are you on? $15 unlimited plus 5 GB Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both
I am calling a Spectrum landline of my parents that works however the call will not go thru from my Republic phone but does on other cells. I may get one ring and then beeps and they do not hear it ring at alI. I do not have the number blocked and Spectrum told my parents that the number is not blocked on their end. Thank You and Happy Holidays

Issue Description


only on wifi
only on cell
or both


this is most likely a routing issue I would open a ticket and have Republic support look into it


Spectrum is VOIP
if it is just wifi, it could be a firewall setting on their router/modem…


Spectrum landline being/not being VoIP would make no difference to a call to/from a Republic Wireless VoIP phone. The routing issue and Ticket route suggested by @drm186 is the way to go


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