Spectrum WiFi replacement


I know this is a stupid question, but I just discovered that RW offers Google WiFi. I currently have Spectrum WiFi. So, if I have a tri-level home, I can order two Google WiFi systems and it will replace my Spectrum Wireless?? (It just sounds too good to be true.) What is the monthly cost for two Google WiFi systems.) I guess I’m just not understanding how it works. Thanks!!


you will still need an ISP to provide internet access.
the google wifi system is nothing more than a router
the following link will explain a little how it works



The OP maybe referring to the WiFi router Spectrum tries to rent to their customers.


I have spectrun, and unless I am wrong, they did away with the fee for the modem/router

They don’t charge a modem fee - it’s rolled into the service price. It would be more technically correct to say they charge everyone, and don’t return the charge to people who own their modem.




Lucky you - here, I’ve been with them for three years and, like a few hours ago, I keep getting their “upgrade” offer:
Needless to say, I provide my own routers. :grinning:


Here is an article explaining how the $5 WiFi worked out for a couple of folks