Speed up boot on non-activated Moto x1


I use my old Moto X1 as a non-activated android device particularly for exercise since its smaller, I still can use GPS and republic anywhere with wifi to text and not a big deal if it gets broken/damage. The downside is it take forever to boot, and half the time it is trying to activate. Is there anyway to prevent this phone from trying to activate to speed up boot?
Kind of a weird question but I figured I’d put it out there. Thanks for any help.


the only why I found to prevent the trying to activate is a factory reboot and after that putting the phone in airplane mode and returning on WiFi (I will note I don’t use my 1st gen very often)


I set up a child’s profile using Google Family Link on my old Moto X 1st gen for my nine-year-old and blocked a lot of apps, including Republic Wireless. It no longer tries to activate. Perfect audiobook player. I don’t know if GPS and Republic Anywhere would work.


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