Spigen Tough Armor Case

Fast accessory recommendation. Just bought a Spigen Tough Armor Case for my new Pixel 4a 5G and it is EASILY my favorite phone case ever. It just feels SO solid and looks great too! I believe this case is also available for many other models on Republic. Price on Amazon is about half what Spigen charges directly. Just thought I’d post this tip since I’m just THAT happy with this product. Bonus tip… Also got and am loving LK brand tempered glass screen protectors. Come as a multi pack with an alignment tray and camera lens protectors. Solid package deal! (If someone from Republic sees this these may be brands you wish to carry in your store too) :smiley: Hope someone reading this finds this helpful!


I wholly agree that Spigen cases are the best. I have one for my Pixel 3 and the hubby has one for his iPhone.

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