Spirit Week at Republic Wireless

This week is Spirit week at Republic Wireless, a time to be just a little silly, build some relationships across office teams, and raise money for Big Brother Big Sisters.

We have twelve randomly-composed teams (identified by bandana color), competing to prove they have the most spirit by dressing according to each day’s theme and participating in lunchtime competitions. I’ll try to post some pictures each day to give you a glimpse of the fun.

Here’s my team (with members from engineering and development, technical tier-3, analytics, and community) posing for our group picture to earn our points for dressing according to today’s theme. Can you figure out what today’s theme is?

Want to participate? Figure out what our theme for the day is, and reply in this thread with a picture of you dressed in the same “spirit”. I’ll donate an extra $1 to Big Brother Big Sisters for each photo you share dressed just as silly, and in the same theme, as we are!


inside out day ? or at least inside out shirt day

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@drm186 beat me to it…Inside-Out day?.

( At first was thinking Casual Monday, but figured I’d have to post a pic of me in my underwear, I’m sure that would get more flags than the United Nations).


I’m guessing bandanna day.

Definitely Inside Out Day, but could it be Inside Out and Glasses?

I see the woman next to you even turned her jeans Inside Out. That deserves extra points for your team!

It is indeed inside-out day today!


The bandanas are week-long attire, to identify which team each person is on, since our “teams” for spirit week are a complete scramble of our normal work teams.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but my pants are inside out, too. One of our managers not only wore his pants inside out, but managed to wear a belt on the inside, and even has his wallet in his pocket.

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Our lunchtime activity today was Bananagrams. But we’re not talking card-table games… We play outside.

It’s a race. Teams gather their 21 tiles to start

Then form words, cross-word style…

My team finished our round first, but was disqualified as birdy does not exist in the dictionary we used as our standard. :crying_cat_face:


No fair!. I think team Green should be disqualified for not wearing their bandannas. Where’s the Spirit in that?.

I would like to officially file a protest.

Definition of birdy
often -er/-est
: like or like that of a bird birdy curiosity
a : abounding in birds, especially game birds quartering an upland slope that should have been very birdy
b of a gun dog : skilled at finding game birds


Green team did all have on bandanas - except the one tall guy in the white shirt. The others are just on wrists that are not seen in the photo.

We agreed beforehand the words had to be in a specific reference book to qualify. Birdy wasn’t. That’s ok, we’re going to win Hungry Hungry Humans tomorrow.


That’s the spirit!.

Aww, I thought we would get to guess the theme everyday.

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Today is not over! I’m pulling together some pictures!

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Due to some weather concerns later this week, our schedule was changed a bit. Today’s activity was an intense relay race in multiple sprints involving balloons, spoons, eggs, and hula-hoops.

Can you guess today’s clothing theme? (It’s a little harder to do, because a lot of folks changed into gym clothes for the races.)

Top teams from each round of the relay race competed in an old-fashioned sack race for the championship.

Photos courtesy of @timm!

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You guessed it! Now we just need some members’ superhero photos!!

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I have a Cape, does that count?.

Guess today’s theme:

Our competition today required us to move a bucket of water from point A to point B using a sponge and a slingshot.

Theme photo courtesy of @denver.
Competition photos courtesy of @timm.


A day at the Beach.

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