Split family account with new BYO phone

We just ordered a republic sim card for my college aged daughter. I saw elsewhere on this site that you get prompted to enter a new account or use an existing account when you install your sim. Her old phone is a rw phone and is on my account, and I was wondering if she could create a new account for herself and transfer her old rw number to the new account when she installs the sim. Would this work? (I know you can’t split a family account and keep your old number with the same phone, but can you if you have a new phone…?)

as account holder you need to create a help ticket (Republic Help) asking for here phone to be split from your account (new phone or not this can be done only though support)

As @drm186 said you need to split the account first via a Support ticket. Once she has her account set up with her old phone/# she would activate the new phone/SIM as a replacement for her current line.

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