Splitting Text Messages on Moto G4 (1GB plan)

Dear Republic Wireless Community,

All of my text messages over 160 characters are split up and sometimes sent out of order. What doesn’t make sense to me is that I know someone with the same exact phone (Moto G4) WITHOUT cellular data who doesn’t have this problem. I used to have a Moto G2 with no data plan and I never encountered this problem as well so I think it has something to do with getting a data plan.

One solution that I have thought of is forcing the phone to send a MMS when the text message is over 160 characters. This is what my old phone (Moto G2 with no data plan) did automatically and it never sent spit messages. The stock messaging app doesn’t give an option to change the sending method used,so I downloaded Textra (an alternative messaging app) and changed the setting to send a MMS when a text is over 160 characters. This only resulted in an error when sending the message and now I’m stuck with a phone that sends split up messages!



SMS is only 160 characters. Over that, there are two choices:

  1. Split up in to multiple SMS messages

  2. Send as MMS

There is no 3rd choice.

So, when you set to send as MMS, you say they fail to send. Are you able to send other MMS (pictures or group messages)?

I am able to send pictures and videos on the stock messaging app, so MMS is working. I just don’t have the option to send a text as an MMS. I am wondering if there is another 3rd party messaging app that would allow me to do this. Again, like I said, when I tried this with Textra it didn’t work.


I am successfully using Textra. After installing hit the three stacked dots on the top right, click “Settings”. Then hit “MMS” and then “MMS Behavior” and set to “System”.

This should get Textra working for you.

Thanks so much! It works now! Is there anyway to get the stock messaging app to do this? I’m fine with using Textra but I would prefer the stock.

This seemed to have worked for me: Make Sure Long Text Messages Send as One Text Instead of Several [How-To] - YouTube but it’s a pain because you have to do it each time.

Yeah, I think I will just stick with Textra

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