Spoofed Numbers


Trying to find if there are any ways through Republic to find the real number calling me.

Here’s the deal. I get lots of calls from telemarketing people. Some come through and can be called back, but some cannot. The numbers are spoofed (i.e. they are fake) so when you try to call the person back, you get the message “that number is not in service”. The real calling number is available to the carrier (and to the police) but not to the receiver. On land lines a *86 could sometimes retrieve the number if you were paying for that service. That does not work on Republic.

There is a company called Trapcall.com, but I’m not keen on signing up unless I know someone who has used the service and it works for spoofed calls, not just calls with blocked numbers.

Anyone have a way to capture the real caller ID?


If someone is spoofing then that is all that can usually be seen. The ANI is sometimes available but that is usually spoofed too unless it is an accidential spoof.


I thought this might be of interest to those reading here: https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31478432-Miami-Man-Faces-120-Million-Fine-for-96-Million-Robocall-Spree


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