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As of the last few months my phone and my husbands (the same phone) has been having terrible connections, We can be standing beside each other and one of us may not have internet, or even cell data…emergency calls only may be listed. We live in Quincy Il 62305, but our number is of a Chicago area code. We have had this service for several years, probly close to ten yrs. Looking at other providers. Their area map seems to have better coverage for us than Republic, it didn’t use to be that way what has happened?

Hi @yvonneh.6btpzm and welcome to the Community!

What’s changed is Republic now offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones and you may not have the option that provides the best coverage in and around Quincy, Please let us know the SIM type for both your phone and your husband’s phone. Here’s how:

With that information, we will provide further insight. As an aside, the area code of your numbers is not relevant to coverage.

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GSM is listed for both

Hi @yvonneh.6btpzm,

I suspected that would be the case. The solution follows:

If you’d like more background on the coverage issue, please let us know. I didn’t, however, wish to delay getting the information that will solve the problem to you.

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After looking at phones that are compatible, I don’t that that is an option, ours was not high lighted. So what is another option?

Hi @yvonneh.6btpzm,

When you began this topic, you wrote that you have a Moto 4, which is only part of a phone’s model name. If that’s a Moto E4, Moto G4, or Moto X4, it is compatible with the CDMA SIM card. Go ahead and follow the steps in that article @rolandh linked, and our Help Team will be able to help you sort out any options. It looks like your coverage would be very much improved with different SIM cards.

Sorry Moto E4

The Moto E4 is definitely compatible with our CDMA SIM card. Please let our coverage team know of your situation, as Roland described.

One last question, which towers in my area do you use.

Hi @yvonneh.6btpzm,

Your current GSM SIMs use T-Mobile’s towers. The suggested CDMA SIMs would use Sprint’s towers. Sprint’s coverage looks robust in your area. T-Mobile’s not so much.

Thanks for your help. Just requested the CDMA cards for both phones. Hope this helps our problem…Thanks again


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