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I was in a semi-rural area( Alexandria LA) and the signal was bad to non existent. The coverage map says that this area should be fine. What is the deal?



Hi @Bca0003

Which model phone do you have, please?




Coverage maps are incorrect sometimes. It appears that this area is covered by both Sprint and T-Mobile, but not necessarily strongly covered. Sprint (Republic’s CDMA partner) likely has better coverage here than T-Mobile (Republic’s GSM partner).

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Moto g4



Here is a link to a comment I just added to another users discussion CDMA vs GSM in my location



Thanks that’s really helpfu​:grin::grin:l

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What coverage map? I usually look at these because of the zoom feature and have found them fairly accurate. They also will show the carriers’ native versus roaming coverage where calls may not be as good and we have no cell data. and .

Both networks in the area look like they have decent coverage. Much of the area is rated as “fair” on the TMo map for GSM. That should provide a good signal when outdoors. When indoors or in a vehicle the signal may not be adequate in some of the area.



CDMA vs GSM in my location
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