Sprint and TMobile network access

I have been a Republic customer for over 7 years - wondering if my phone now has access to TMobile network as well as Sprint. I am wondering because I have been travelling through Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and now Upstate New York and I have had very spotty to NO coverage on my phone. I may have to change providers. I understand that coverage may be spotty in rural areas but this is crazy.

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Hi @josephc.inztob

Some of the phones that can be used with Republic Wireless can use either a GSM (T-Mobile) or CDMA (Sprint) SIM. The oldest phones are CDMA only - Defy XT, Moto G1, G3, E1, E2, X1 and X2.

Which model phone are you using now?

Same here. The coverage has slowly been dissapearing for me over the last few months. There is no coverage near my work anymore, and I was roaming, and had one bar up north in Michigan. I checked the coverage map, and I should have great coverage where I frequent, but there is nothing. My cellular service has been dropping in dependability since the start of the year. I’m moving to a different carrier.

2020 Moto G power

Hi @josephc.inztob and welcome to the Republic Community. This is actually a very complicated question to answers. While phones are configured or one network or the other (legacy Sprint, T-Mobile) the lines between those networks has been blurred in multiple places throughout the country. In my area (Northern VA outside DC) the networks have been largely blended. My Sprint configured phone is regularly on legacy T-Mobile LTE bands and towers and vice-a-versa. This is not true everywhere. In addition, T-Mobile is in the process of taking down massive numbers of Sprint towers. Some customers have reported a decrease in the coverage of their older Sprint configured devices, as there is often a gap between when coverage is decommissioned from one network and then brought up on the other.

Finally, T-Mobile isn’t publicly sharing all these changes so user experiences on the ground is what drives understanding these changes and because of the variety of phones and SIMs, it leaves at best, an incomplete picture of coverage.

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Hi @jamest.hpfl0u I wish I was welcoming you to the community under better circumstances. If you’re changing carriers for coverage reasons I would recommend avoiding anyone that uses T-Mobile/Sprint as their partner as the coverage can only be worse or the same as what Republic offers. You may want to investigate the AT&T or Verizon coverage in your area. If it turns out that AT&T is good then you might still have a home at Republic as DISH, Republic’s new owner just annouced an agreement with AT&T to have that coverage as “primary” for its cellular companies, including Republic. While we don’t have any info other then press releases regarding the agreement, it seems logical that at some point, AT&T will become an option or even the only option for coverage for DISH’s phone businesses.


Hello. I wish the circumstances were better as well. I have been with Republic since almost the beginning, but it seems times are changing. My issue is with the the loss of coverages due to the mergers and related things as you mentioned. I have chosen verizon due to many family members having great coverage, and they visit the same places I go. I have nothing bad to say about Republic, it has been a good experience.


Hi @jamest.hpfl0u,
RW has saved me about $10,000 over all the years being a Beta to today. I want to see how the Dish/ATT works out. I am in the Cleveland area & all 4 major players have done well since the RNC convention when all 4 threw tons of technology in Cleveland. I just can’t get fiber and it will be extinct by the time it becomes available to me.
I wish you well if you leave as I am staying put to see the future. I love my $21 bill & refuse to pay $50+ ever again!


The Speedtest app has a coverage map. Take a look and see which carrier has the best coverage in your area.

If it were that simple, it would be awesome. Unfortunately, for all the reasons I stated above, it isn’t nearly that simple.

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