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Anyone know why I (Samsung S7 Edge) get less bars then my hubby (Moto G5 Plus) on the same Sprint service? I am getting 1 bar and he has at least 3, sitting right next to me. (Both phones updated etc.)

Thank you.

Did a google search for “2 mobile phones next to each other, using same service. Why a difference in signal bars?” Found this answer:

"It could be one phone is on LTE and the other is on 3G/2G. Signal strength is measured differently on 4G LTE than it is on 4G/3G/2G. Where you would normally get a five bar 2G/3G signal, you would get a two bar LTE signal.

If both phones are using LTE, they may be using different bands. For example, one is on 700Mhz which can penetrate walls greatly and travel great distances. The other phone is on the 1700Mhz, which can’t penetrate buildings as well as 700…

If they are using a different channel, bandwidth might be low on one channel, but high on the other channel."

There were many other possible causes listed. In short, there could be many, many different causes for different phones on same service to have different levels of signal bars.

Are you certain that both phones are using the RW CDMA SIM?
It wold say in the RW app under settings About.

And when u say “updated” are u refereeing to the System updates, or the CDMA Profile and PRL? or both?

There may be a very simple explanation. Bars mean nothing. What I mean by that is each manufacturer uses its own scale for determining bars. You may want to download something like: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.simplyadvanced.ltediscovery on each phone. It will show the LTE band each is connected to (to see if it is the same) and the actual signal strength. That will give you a better idea is the signal is really different, or if they’re just showing differently.

Some additional data on this. I just looked at the phones in my family:
Son’s LG G7: 4 bars (Signal strength -109db)
My LG V40: 3 bars (-107db)
Wife’s S8: 2 bars (-109db)
Son’s Note9: 2 bars (-109db)
Daughter Nokia 7.1: 4 bars (-107db)

All are on T-Mobile (some through Republic, some not) and actual signal strength really close to each other, but very different bars showing.


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