Sprint customers roam on T-Mobile

I wonder if this applies to RW’s CDMA subscribers:

"Sprint customers get one near-term benefit: The company struck a roaming deal to let its customers ride on the T-Mobile network if Sprint isn’t available, which should yield better coverage in more places. "

I found this here:

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Hopefully that information applies to R.W. customers, that would be nice.
My phone is on the GSM partner, but locally the CDMA partner is better.
I am still holding out for the Band 71 to come into Jackson so it will back-fill a lot of the areas I travel.
I don’t want to switch to CDMA because my spouse’s phone is on that, so when we travel, she has the CDMA partner, I have the GSM, and the truck has AT&T.
What would be nice is they allow the merger to go through, then an MVNO is born that uses all 3 major networks, and your phone (via their app) chooses the best way to make a call, send at text, or gain access to the internet.

Two things… First, this wouldn’t apply to legacy customers as the legacy phones aren’t VoIP capable, which is required.

Second, that last information that I’ve been able to find is that LTE roaming has not been extended to MVNOs (like Republic)?

While this would be wonderful, generally, I doubt it will happen. To date, only Google Fi uses the type of technology you describe. It’s not an accident that Fi doesn’t run on either AT&T or Verizon.

It will also be largely unnecessary as in the not terribly distant future 3G technology will be phased out and all U.S. carriers will be using 4G LTE and emerging 5G technologies. Unlike previous cellular technology, 4G and 5G technologies will be compatible across all U.S. cellular networks. Then it will no longer be a technology issue but rather a business decision as to which carriers choose to partner with which other carriers to allow roaming. Of course, the answer to that might be none.

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