Sprint number change?

Hey all!

I love this community with all the vasts of knowledge coming from all walks of life. I have an old 1st Gen Moto G that I’m hobbling along with and will soon get a new Moto G before Republic’s sale is over… I was curious and betting on the fact that I will still have CDMA coverage when I upgrade (yes I checked and it basically told me I would); Would me Sprint number stay the same**? **I am asking for a couple reasons, one being that I try to make sure it is registered on the Do Not Call list and also because I was thinking about requesting the Techs here to change my sprint number. I’ve been receiving a lot of call from that number and it is getting annoying.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @benjaminf.haklmn,

Your new phone’s secondary number will almost certainly change. For information on how to discover the new number (which changes with new Republic phones), please see here: https://community.republicwireless.com/message/523780-ways-to-discover-your-underlying-cdma-gsm-numbers#comment-523799.

I actually like hearing that! Hopefully I’ll actually get a local Sprint number from MA instead of Texas!

Sprint numbers are random and can be from anywhere in the country [that said all mine have been local] one should not need that number to be local as we the end user don’t own it and should not give out out as it can change for a few different reasons [new phone, a switch to the $5 plan and back are 3 known eats but it may change for other reasons also]

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